el len   gets   it   done

Photo: Nina Subin

I will make order out of your chaos, and you’ll live happily ever after. DONE.  860 227 6427

After many exciting years working as a picture editor for the likes of Fortune, Psychology Today, Rolling Stone and Esquire, I became a mom and moved to, of all places, Old Lyme Connecticut. Raising kids became my new job. They turned out splendidly and are now out of the house. Through all my personal and professional endeavors (photo editing, coordinating the activities of my husband, kids and dogs, not to mention plenty of volunteer work), two principles have guided me: a penchant for punctiliousness and a love of restoring order. That fleeting sense of calm that overcomes you when you’ve finally attacked the junk drawer? I live for it. No project is too big. No life is too messy. Nothing shocks me. Let my OCD work for you.